“I dream about having a house by the water and not doing anything, not feeling ambitious, nor having the need to make money.”

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I loved this scene. Dude just shot Steve THREE times and it means absolute shit to Steve in terms of his feelings for Bucky. He hears Bucky scream and looks down, finds him trapped.

Steve is bleeding like fuck, exhausted, in pain, and the goddamn helicarrier is plummeting out of the sky, ON FIRE, and probably about to fucking explode.

But Steve didn’t plan on getting off anyway. He told Maria to fire.

He’s completed his mission. Saved millions. He’s done.
At this point, Steve is ready to die. But not before saving his friend. 

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Tom Hiddleston - Exhibition x

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Tom Felton's gonna be on here… Would you like to do a little shoutout? We'll play it for him. [x]

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"Whoever he used to be.. the guy he is now, I don’t think he’s the kind you save.."

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Dane DeHaan with Molly Shannon

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Maui Film Festival, 2011.

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chris pratt // guardians of the galaxy press

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